Life Seasons Pros-T Review - Does Life Seasons Pros-T Work?

Life Seasons Pros-T

Rated #5

Excellent Track-Record

  • 90% Beta-Sitosterol Blend
  • Reputable Manufacturer
  • Uses Pumpkin Seed Oil
*Results may vary on individual.

Coming out of The Lone Star State of Texas, this high-scoring prostate supplement is brought to us by the people over at LifeSeasons. Just like the saying goes, it seems that everything in this supplement is simply bigger. With a whopping beta-sitosterol score of 375mg and a total sterol score of 682mg, it seems that Pros-T took no shortcuts for the ingredients that matter. With the great reputation that comes with the name LifeSeasons, and the impressive numbers that Pros-T was able to put out, it comes as no surprise that it landed securely in our top 5.

Reg Price: 89.78 Lowest Price: $29.95

How does the Pros-T formula compare?

A brief look at the Pros-T ingredients shows that there was no expense spared when LifeSeasons set out to make this prostate supplement. One of the key features that stands out is its Phytosterol Complex. The inclusion of an 800mg Phytosterol Complex with 90% beta-sitosterol proves that this formula was based around a key set of potent ingredients. They also included the extremely beneficial ingredient that is pumpkin seed oil. Not only is pumpkin seed oil very efficient in supporting prostate health, but it was added as an oil instead of an extract in this formula. While many other companies may use lesser quality ingredients such as pumpkin seed extract, LifeSeasons went the extra mile to ensure that only high-quality pumpkin seed oil was used.

In addition to the supplement’s inclusion of a high-grade phytosterol complex and pumpkin seed oil, Life Seasons has smartly added Zinc, Selenium, and a number of other vitamins and extracts that are extremely beneficial for supporting prostate health. All of these added ingredients are included in generous amounts, and ultimately help make Pros-T one of the best prostate supplements on the market.

Final Remarks for Pros-T

It is no surprise that the great people over at LifeSeasons have hit one out of the park with this amazing prostate formula. Pros-T provides all of the right high-quality ingredients in the right amounts to allow Pros-T to not only produce extremely high scores, but for it to also land in our list of Top 5 prostate supplements. With high quality pumpkin seed oil and an extremely potent phytosterol blend, Pros-T seems to be an amazing prostate supplement worth trying.